Do I need a “DUI lawyer”?

There are attorneys whose entire practice is devoted to defending those accused of DUI because almost all of us drink, and almost all of us drive, so DUI arrests and prosecutions  for driving under the influence are common.
The problem is, specialty firms tend to grow to meet the demands of advertising overhead, causing the focus to shift to signing up new clients rather than meeting the needs of existing ones.  So how do you get a top “DUI lawyer” with the experience and expertise you need for your case, but not end up hiring a “firm” with who-knows-who as your actual attorney?  Simple.  Find out if the lawyer you are retaining will be the one handling your case and making the appearances for you.  If not, move on.
Also keep in mind that a lawyer’s ability to effectively cross examine a witness, or question potential jurors, is worth as much to a defendant as an encyclopedic knowledge Henry’s law and gas chromatography.  Because of his or her skills, a good trial lawyer understands the strengths and weaknesses of a case based mainly on the law of Evidence.  This knowledge is invaluable in plea negotiations as well as at trial.  Mr. Sebastian teaches Evidence law at the University of West Los Angeles, and prosecuted DUIs at the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office before entering private practice.