Attorney Peter Sebastian

…has successfully handled over 1000+ cases.ZJ2A6650-min 180 x 221

Mr. Sebastian is a former prosecutor and is currently an adjunct Professor of Law at UWLA School of Law where he teaches Evidence.
He served in both the Los Angeles City and District Attorney’s Offices during and after graduating law school. (See what the Deputy D.A. In Charge and the Supervising D.C.A. had to say below.*)
Mr. Sebastian won nine prestigious Witkin Awards during law school. He was Moot Court Champion, competed nationally, and won Best Oral Argument before the California Court of Appeal at the Ventura Annual Moot Court Competition.
*From the branch office Deputy D.A. In Charge:
“… it was Mr. Sebastian’s tough and thorough cross-examination of a defendant and his two witnesses that became the turning point in the case, leading to success for our position. I was impressed with his skill and preparation…”
*From the Supervising Deputy City Attorney:
“Peter’s artfulness in examining our expert, cross examining the defense expert, and cross examining the defendant led not only to the successful verdict but also to the court telling the defendant during sentencing, that the defendant’s account was simply unbelievable. As an oral advocate, he proved to be “a natural.”

Meet Attorney John D. Rogers, of counsel…

John profile-picture
Mr. Rogers is probably the toughest, most tenacious, and definitely the brightest defense attorney I have ever met.
Over the course of his career, his reputation, dedication, and performance has reflected in numerous trial victories where his clients were facing a life sentence. He stands ready to undertake any complicated criminal matter and strives to achieve noteworthy results for every client.
Due to this experience, Mr. Rogers specializes in State and Federal crimes, white collar crimes, as well as Police Officer defense.
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