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Thorough. Criminal Defense attorney Peter Sebastian spends the time required to go over each case in minute detail.

Smart.  Mr. Sebastian is not just a lawyer, he’s a law school evidence professor so he understands how to fight the evidence against you.

Winning.  Peter Sebastian has won jury trials both prosecuting as well as defending criminal cases, including murder.

21 Best in L.A. named Peter Sebastian one of the 21 Best Criminal Defense Attorneys in Los Angeles in 2018 and 2019.


Former Prosecutor

Mr. Sebastian has worked in both the Los Angeles City and District Attorney’s Offices so he knows what you are up against.


10 Best in L.A. named Peter Sebastian as one of the 10 Best Criminal Defense Attorneys in Los Angeles in 2017, 2018, 2020, and 2021.


All criminal charges defended

Mr. Sebastian has successfully defended all types of criminal matters, including murder, torture,  assault and other violent crimes, criminal threats, weapons possession, child/spousal abuse, drug crimes, robbery, burglary, theft, welfare fraud, extortion, DUI, and many others.


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 Former Clients:

My brother had an offer of 19yrs BUT thanks to Peter he should be out in less than a year!!. My brother had the toughest district attorney in PASADENA but she couldn’t keep up to Peter. We were lucky to have been referred to him. He showed he actually cared about our case….I met with 5 lawyers prior to him and one gave me a feeling like they cared. He took this case under his wing and made miracles. Thank you Peter for everything!!!!!
An honest straightforward man who worked a miracle… My original lawyer told me that jail was pretty much inevitable unless I wanted to do 400 hours of community labor on the freeway. I ended up taking the jail time as the plea bargain, but then decided to withdraw my plea. I was really upset, and I wanted another lawyer, so I was referred to Peter from my old lawyer. Peter did not make any promises. He did calm me down after getting emotional and expressing my need for a lawyer who would fight for me. Peter did just that. He got my jail sentence halved within a week, and texted me if I did not pick up to give me any updates. The week after we went to court, I was prepared to turn myself in. Somehow Peter got my sentence switched to community service, not labor, but community service. I am a happy lady. Thank you Peter
Mr.Sebastian was a blessing to work with. He always assured us of his confidence to be able to win our case. My brother was being charged with murder over being in the wrong place at the wrong time and because of his looks and tattoos he was highly discriminated against. With no evidence the DA still tried his best to make it seem like my brother was guilty. However, with Mr.Sebastian’s expertise and confidence,he was able to get us a “NOT GUILTY” verdict. We thank GOD that he brought Mr.Sebastian into our lives at the right time. Now my brother has his freedom and rightfully so. We can’t thank you enough Peter. I highly highly recommend him if anyone is looking for an amazing lawyer
I really never leave reviews, but this is a must!! Peter Sebastian is an amazing lawyer. He is the most honest and dedicated lawyer I have ever met!! He is amazing he is straight forward and explains every step of the way! if there is anything you don’t understand he will always be available to answer your questions. Peter will fight your case until the end!
The man works magic. Felt like I was in one of his university classes the whole way. He makes sure you are informed and I’m the kind of person who loves to learn no matter the situation. Loved learning everything along the way granted the shitty situation I got myself into. He helped me get out of it mostly unscathed and I don’t think I could have had a better outcome. Do yourself the favor and don’t get in trouble but if you do Peter is your man.
NOT GUILTY!! 5 Stars. Peter is Awesome. If you are looking for an attorney with integrity and who is willing to REALLY FIGHT for you………..than you need Peter Sebastian. Peter was very supportive, actually answers your calls and/or returns them in a timely manner. He truly cares about his clients. I hired Peter to replace a not so supportive attorney encouraging me to take a Plea. ” I was NOT GUILTY”. Best Decision Ever, among all Peters great qualities, he’s also reasonably priced. note: I am in the towing industry and I arrested on charges stemming from vehicle code 22658(g) v. 22658(h), charged in retaliation by a dishonest Deputy……Peter won —all four counts NOT GUILTY!!! Thank You Peter
I’m an RN that needed a criminal defense attorney. Peter Sebastian, Esq. was everything I could ask for he has great people skills very attentive to me and my concerns. Superior in his expertise in criminal defense. I am extremely happy with the outcome of my criminal case. In a heartbeat I would recommend Peter to all my nurse colleagues and family. I am truly grateful to him.
Peter was instrumental in minimizing my daughters sentence and advising her in her course of action in her court case. This man knows his law and the system in LA County. I am confident in saying the positive outcome was solely due to his experience. He is a really nice person as well!
MIKE I. — Yelp
This was my first experience in a court of law, and, thanks to Peter Sebastian, it went smoothly and the case turned out in my favor. He provides excellent representation. His thorough knowledge of the law and past experience as a prosecutor serve him and his clients well. In my initial search for an attorney, I found that Peter was more friendly, attentive to my situation, and seemed very proactive compared to others I had spoken with. I felt confident discussing my case with him and even more confident after hiring him to represent me. All in all I’m satisfied with how everything turned out and I would definitely recommend him to others who are seeking a great attorney.
I was referred to Peter by another attorney. He took my case even though it was pretty last-minute. Peter explained to me every step of the way and helped me get the best possible scenario for my complicated criminal case–a dropped charge and diversionary program. I appreciated his consideration and professionalism throughout the process. The charge for his services was reasonable, and he was understanding about setting up a payment plan. All in all, I would highly recommend him for your legal needs!
Peter Sebastian was an excellent lawyer in my case. I would highly recommend his services to anyone. He was prompt and professional in rendering services for me. I have absolutely no complaints–only praise.
Phenomenal Lawyer!!! Did a real good job at helping me win at trial
Great DUI attorney real flexible and always good on returning your calls. Will hire again. Thanks again.
My name is Mr. Lewis. I am writing to show my deepest appreciation for Mr. Peter Sebastian hard work and dedication in assisting my son’s legal problems. My son was arrested for petty theft at a Target store few months ago. When seeking out an attorney for my son, I was referred to Mr. Sebastian. On making my first phone call to Mr. Sebastian he immediately and promptly addressed my sons legal problem from the moment my wife and I first spoke to him. From then on Mr. Sebastian worked tirelessly on the case. He resolved the case in the best way possible. I would recommend Mr. Sebastian to anyone who needs a law attorney. He is one of the best attorneys that I have ever witnessed. He works tirelessly and is completely devoted to his client. He is an excellent attorney to have when your side. To Mr. Sebastian I say keep up the good and excellent work and Thank You again.
Peter was extremely friendly and helpful! He is great at what he does and will always do what’s best for his clients!
Peter Sebastion was referred to me by a relative and I couldn’t be any more happy. He was very attentive and kept me in the loop regarding my case details throughout the whole process. He understood the hardships of student debt and managed to work out a payment plan with me. I’m very comfortable with having Peter as a defense attorney and will be in the future as well.
If you need a attorney that cares, who is professional and who will fight for you … then Peter Sebastian is the only attorney you should call. He is straightforward and the honest person. If I ever need attorney advice he will always be my go-to guy. Thank you Peter Sebastian for your great work.
I contacted Peter after finding him online. He listened to everything I had to say and worked with me every step of the way. He appeared for all my court dates for me, worked diligently to bring the matter down to a more then reasonable offer with the prosecuting attorney, and has never failed to do more the 150% for me every step of the way. What could have potentially been a incredibly ridiculous situation was resolved swiftly and efficiently in my favor due to Peters hard work and ethical drive. I would easily recommend him to ANYONE I know, and would trust him wholeheartedly with any legal situation that i needed a lawyers help with.